If you want to get to know Sarah Murphy (Lamb), the haunting voice and prolific songwriter behind .ara., you’ll first want to know that she loves coffee dates, participated in jazz band, show choir and musicals growing up, and still enjoys tree climbing adventures. Originally from Wisconsin, Sarah’s childhood and college years were closely intertwined with art pursuits. “While studying music in school, I realized the power songs have to meet listeners where they are or pulling people out of devastating places. It’s more than theory and melody. It’s the power to make and change lives.” It was this end goal that motivated her to continue honing her songwriting skills. 


Sarah worked as a tour manager, background singer, artist manager, voice teacher and booking agent. Being surrounded by the music industry and in Nashville, she continued to write. But rather than keep her songs to herself like before, this time she would write them to share. To share with friends and strangers alike, in hopes of putting to words what they were feeling. From this, .ara. was born.


She released her first EP, Waiting, in March 2015, recorded at the iconic Ocean Way Studios with Andy Sheridan (of Hunter Hayes, John Legend, Jason Mraz). It’s a project influenced by artists such as Broods and Sara Bareilles. It’s a tasteful mix of upbeat piano pop ballads and moody, vulnerable tracks that resonate with the heart of the listener. Each and every lyric is carefully crafted to reflect personal experiences, lessons learned and hope for the future. Sarah has a way of beautifully, honestly and effectively conveying the emotions that most people struggle with communicating. 

“I aim to write honest songs about the true, painful and joyful experiences in life. I no longer let my fear and insecurities prevent me from writing or performing. It’s my goal to help and encourage people to make their dreams happen too! We are meant to experience and share life with each other. This is just one way that I make my contribution to our exhilarating journey.”

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